xfce maximized windows lose buttons for close, minimize and unmaximize

How can I get the same buttons like when windows are in a smaller size?

Normal vs. maximized look like this. Buttons are gone. This happens across all themes as well.

By default Manjaro does not have that option enabled (unless something changed), but you can go to Settings > Windows Manager Tweaks > Accessibility


and make sure the Hide title of windows when maximized is unchecked, as in the image above.

That's the weird thing. I already have that option disabled. You can see the menu with File | Edit | View | Go | Help is there, just not the other buttons.

Probably, but you changed something ... try to remember what. Because works fine here. Also, is your system updated and did you reboot?


Thank you for your help, I found the issue by thinking what I changed. It was actually the panel on the top. Because it was set to "Don't reserve space on borders" in the Panel Preferences it was visually blocking the title bar only in maximized windows.

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