XFCE Desktop with gnome-system-monitor - Theme Problem

Good day!

I ran updates and gnome-system-monitor is now using the light theme. My DE is XFCE. How do I get System Monitor back to using the dark theme?


What theme, does it support gtk-4 ?

I do have the /.config/gtk-4.0/ folder you mention in the other thread, but mine is empty. The theme in your screenshots there would do fine over what the QT5 Conf Tool is showing as Breeze in the Style drop down. How do I add the kvantum-dark option shown in your QT5 screenshot?

With a kind of search on the forum, you could find this :

This is a mix from Yaru and kora icons (custom). Theme is adw-dark, but have you solved your problem ?

…do you use ?


I haven’t fixed it yet. I use Adwaita-dark for my primary DE, which shows it’s only good for gtk2 and 3.

I had set a dark theme in QT5 yesterday, “bb10dark”, and it didn’t change the look of gnome-system-monitor.

Why would a QT theme change the appearance of a Gnome application?
It should not.
Gnome is GTK. Specifically GTK 4+.
(XFCE is also GTK. But GTK 3)

@cscs That’s what banjo had linked a thread to. I came here to ask for help because I don’t know how to fix it, not because I wanted to argue with people.

I’ve made changes in all three of the applications that come up when typing “theme” in the application search, which is why I’m here.

And that will likely keep happening.

I am not trying to argue.

I am just trying to concisely get to the point.

You are trying to theme a GTK4 application.

Your DE is GTK, but GTK3.

Setting the QT theme is irrelevant.

You must use a GTK4 capable theme or emulate it.

Also. It is important to note the libadwaita things.
libadwaitsa is pretty … invasive/presumptuous. It makes theming on GTK4 more of a headache.

The linked thread does an OK job of showing part of an approach.

I might suggest in your case … maybe just symlink the ~/.config/gtk-4.0 contents to the contents of ~/.config/gtk-3.0, or directly to your preferred themes in /usr/share/

I use the last method (combined with xsettingsd) on my plasma system;

$ ls -l .config/gtk-4.0/ | awk '{ print $9 $10 $11 }'


(note the colors and settings file are written by xsettingsd, but the others are symlinks to the equivalent files in the Breeze-Dark gtk theme)

So in my case I also have in /etc/environment

# GTK Theme - helpful for wayland too

I suggest going over the Archwiki page:


Ok, keep it, but install adw theme from repo and symlink the assets, gkt.css and gtk-dark.css as shown here.
You can also give adw theme a try as replacement for adwaita. That is a perfekt match (for those who like it).

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