Xfce can't login

so i already had big trouble with this distro on my laptop, but i wanted to give it another try since there were big updates since then, everything was awesome, wifi finally worked, i was very happy.
but now i can’t login with my password.
it didn’t get changed. i know the password, and still it stills prompts me with incorrect password. before that i had big issues booting (extremely slow, no log when starting the system as it should have, mouse/keyboard not responding, so i had to force restart it, twice. now the font is no the usual one and my password doesn’t work.

also the 10m wait for when you input the wrong password doesn’t work and stays at 10m

update: another force restart and it worked, but i’m still having huge freezes, i’m going to try checking the disk, i’m going to back up important files too

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