XFCE - bizarre Thunar behaviour after update

I am using Manjaro with xfce desktop.

If I create a programme shortcut on the DESKTOP then it appears as required.

e.g. if I create a desktop shortcut (launcher) to ‘Pinta’ - then that is what appears as its name. The shortcut’s name is ‘Pinta’

But if I MOVE that shortcut into a FOLDER (even one on the desktop), and open that folder in Thunar, THEN it has “.desktop” added to the name. It appears as “Pinta.desktop”.

ALL my desktop shortcuts that have been put into any folder have this behaviour. It’s driving me crazy!

It only started to happen recently after a system update.

How do I change this behaviour?

BTW I have Pantheon installed as well and it is the same except it also shows shortcuts on the desktop with the ‘.desktop’ extension

Yes, I have extensively googled the issue - to no avail.


You can’t change it. It is the new intended behavior.

Also see other Forum post with the same topic. Simply search for “thunar desktop files”.

Thanks for the prompt reply - appreciated.

OK that is it intended, but why NOT to give users the option of masking the extension?

IMHO for Windows users moving to Linux, this feels distinctly lame - as if Thunar file manager is still a wannabe…

Personally it makes me want to recompile it with the behaviour removed!

But thanks to all who make this a great distro…

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