XFCE and i3-wm?

I have been using XFCE for ages now, but one of my experiment partitions has been EOS-i3wm and I really like it.
So, I tried installing i3 and then selecting it on login, but my windows are not all well ‘styled’
I did realise that this could be a problem, but would like to learn the best way to solve this.
I did find this post - is that the best way ahead?
And/or can anyone direct me to a good resource where I can learn about this please?
I’m looking for a specific source, not just https://archlinux.org/ :grinning: as I am trying to save time

You can install lxappearance and set all your appearance related settings there.

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I’m looking for a specific source



Do I need lxappearance or lxappearance-gtk3 ?


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