Xfce - after update fonts are too sharp

The file absolute path? ~ ?

The file c00ter is talking about is ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf
Don’t set this one along with .Xresources. Choose one or the other.

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Understandable. I only use 1 GTK app in Plasma. In LibreOffice you have to set hinting separately under the Customize or Options tab.

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Thanks. I never noticed this. It is a bit limited though, and firefox appeared to render much better with Xft at the time (though I had other issues then).

What about firefox’s palemoon?

Dunno. Don’t run Firefox anymore, specifically because of font handling. But that has been a while.


I just tried some other fonts in appearance -> fonts and looks like something maybe really wrong with anti-aliasing etc (see screenshot)

…I mean looking at the preview should B&H LuicidaBright regular be so sharp? Maybe I don’t have some packages installed?

You have to use the correct fonts for scaling & hinting to happen correctly. Bitmapped fonts will not, as an example. Are those such fonts?

I tried Droid sans which looks more or less fine I guess (see screenshot)

but that font doesn’t effect libreoffice and firefox and palemoon (which is based on firefox) at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t know what t do to fix that :cry: Before update I had the Arch’s bohoomil’s infinality fonts installed and all looked fine. Now seems like I don’t have them installed. I am not sure is this a problem so please help me

Try to delete your home/YOURUSERNAME/.cache/fontconfig/ directory and reboot

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Just removed and rebooted but fonts in palemoon are still the same sharp :cry:

How about libreoffice and firefox? Did it work?

Yeah, Firefox is the same and LibreOffice has no effect too (see Screenshot which shows Arial font text input)

Sorry, no further suggestions…

Open a text editor and paste this:

Xft.dpi: 96
Xft.antialias: true
Xft.rgba: rgb
Xft.autohint: false
Xft.hinting: true
Xft.hintstyle: hintfull
Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault

Save it as /home/<your-user>/.Xresources
Now open a terminal and write xrdb ~/.Xresources
The close and reopen firefox. You can then change the settings (ex.: Xft.hintstyle: hintslight) until you get it the way you like it.

Either try this or c00ter’s suggestion. Have you tried any of these yet?

I tried all suggestions. I did my own research about that. I am still confused why is lacking by default cause after installing Arch’s infinality and here fonts bundle all fonts became clear. :tada:

But still I am wondering why infinality’s packages (some details) do the stuff and is there a way to make fonts clear using manjaro’s in-box default packages set?

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I’ve never had any problems configuring sharp and clear fonts in anything (except Openbox, occasionally) without the use of Infinality and with only small configuration files.

I am guessing, since your original complaint specifies Firefox, the original problem also resides with some changes Firefox has made and all this other stuff we’ve done up to this point has just been kerfluffle messing up everything else. Make sense?


Not FireFox only but the rest of apps too including gimp and libreoffice. But FireFox was really too marky :frowning: Following to this issue replies I tried to play with font settings all this time and see how it goes with the new confs to figure out how to make it look more or less fine by default without installing the mentioned Arch infinality bundle which BTW I had installed before the update. I guess in case of not-installing-arch-infinality-bundle I just had to modify freetype2 conf as it is said to do here (? correct me if I am wrong pls) but that’s another story :blush:

So, yes, installing the mentioned Arch infinality packages solved the issue in my case at least.

Thank you all for supporting me.

Yes! Yes! That will give you the same rendering as Infinality did. (I was looking for that link and lost it) You got it! :smiley:


EDIT: Hopefully you can revert other font rendering changes…

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I told you about that setting on the 1st paragraph of this post. Anyway, that’s not the reason because a) I’m not using it and I have good rendering; b) a decent antialiasing filtering would never produce the bad results you have shown. The reason I can think of is that the infinality package you had previously installed changed something which didn’t get properly restored upon uninstallation.

Good everything is fine now.


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