Xfce 64 bit vs LXDE


Hi everybody, first post.

I was reading a nice post that has been closed about the two different Desktop Environments.
I need one of the two to develop with Android Studio and connect a secondary screen

I read about the idle ram of LXDE that is minor than the one of XFCE, but considering I am using a good pc, XPS13 9360 8G RAM and i7 8th gen, I was wondering if the performance would be better downloading the XFCE 64 bit instead of LXDE.
Or exist a Manjaro LXDE version I could use for 64Bit? I am coming from Lubuntu so I would not mind as far as I would get a better perfomance. Thank you


With 8GB RAM and that CPU you won’t have any issues running ANY desktop environment that Manjaro provides.

XFCE is slightly “heavier” than LXDE in that it uses slightly more RAM and has a few more slightly more resource intensive apps, but you will not notice much difference on that machine.

Just go with what you are more comfortable with.


Yes, but the iso some months old and there will lot of updates https://osdn.net/projects/manjaro-community/storage/lxde/


If I install LKDE from the link you send I will be in the future able to retrieve new updates?


If you get the first round of updates done after you install it, yes, you will be able to just update the system, like the rest of us.


Nice , another question related if is possible, if once installed LXDE want to switch to lower textual WM, as Awesome, I3 etc, will benefit more performance, or they will bloat even the existing LXDE installation? I know that generally is not the case, but being so small I am wondering if switching in this case is something different that GNOME/KDE


If you switch to a session only using the WM, then yes, it will use less resources. But as soon as you oepn your first app, it does not matter anymore, since apps like Android Studio anbd web browsers take a huge amount of resources anyway.


yes but will benefit if I use a VM then


VM’s have quite a lot of overhead, so a VM would be counter productive to what you are trying to achieve.

My advise, is go with the DE/WM you prefer. Your machine can handle it without issues.


Sorry I do not get, are you saying that loading KDE or Bspwm does not make any difference if I run on top a VM? Sorry is my last question, just would like to understand


A VM is a virtual machine. A virtual machine has a lot of overhead, no matter what you put in it.

I don’t get why you want to use 2 different DE/WM’s?
I’d choose one and stick with it. Maybe even change it if the one you chose did not meet your expectations. But there is no reason to install a DE like LXDE and then a WM like i3/Awesome. The difference is not really noticable on your machine.

But if you install LXDE on your machine and then install something in a VM, then that VM is gonna be using lots of your resources just to run properly.


got it thanks, have a nice day @Strit


There is a saying among *nix entusiats

Unused RAM is wasted RAM

And I tend to agree - which is why we have RAM these days - and sometimes plenty.

To get a better understanding of Linux and RAM you could have a look at the Linux ate my RAM website.


I’m running LXDE on a Core2Duo laptop with 4 GB of RAM - zero problems. A few years ago I ran Gnome on the same machine with only 2 GB RAM and it was still usable.
The biggest performance hog is almost never the DE, but the applications you use, especially web browsers with lots of open tabs.

As others have said, your computer can run any DE/WM. Don’t worry.


really excited long time I am not using Linux, loved Slackware and Lubuntu I go for XFCE 64

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