XFCE 4.16 dialog double title bars with gtk3-classic

Thanks so much for providing the libxfce4ui-nocsd package! It really helps after the update to XFCE 4.16. I’m using it with gtk3-classic and it works well to restore the classic XFCE window appearance. One more little advantage of using Manjaro!

One little remaining glitch I noticed, though, is double title bars on notification dialogs:

double double2

Anyone else seeing this? Can this be fixed with libxfce4ui-nocsd?

Maybe could be related to libxfce4ui-gtk3?

Looks like this is not libxfce4ui-nocsd related (as it’s the same with libxfce4ui), maybe just gtk3-classic with XFCE 4.16. But I found the solution in the issues of the libxfce4ui-nocsd github page:

set the DialogsUseHeader option to false under Settings Editor>xsettings>Gtk

No more double title bars.

Yes, that is needed to have the full classic feeling, as about dialogs and notifications will otherwise still fall back to the GTK3 CSD dialogs.

maybe it’s a litte bit off-topic, but where from do you get version 4.16. Compile and install from source?
If I do “pacman -S xfce4” i still get the offer to install xfce 4.16


It’s in Unstable and testing branches.

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