xfce 20.0.3 feedback

Just some basic feedback on some small issues I've found on a new install, xfce 20.0.3.

*) when I change my theme, in all places to Adwaita (windows, mouse, etc...), I find Pulse Audio in the panel is missing it's icons.

*) caffeine is missing a dependency: libappindicator-gtk3
and the auto start caffeine.desktop file should exec: /usr/bin/caffeine-indicator

Update: I just did another install with caffeine-ng, and all was good.

*) panel on bottom screen edge, Notification Area - tool tips are displayed below icon/mouse, causing them to be off the bottom of the screen.

Otherwise, great work, thanks for such a good distro!!!


Can confirm the tooltip thing, the tool tip for a new kernel for instance shows up top left on the screen for me.

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