XembedSNIProxy drain my cpu

After boot, process XembedSNIProxy drain my cpu almost to 100%. When I killed it manually, everything seems to work normally.

Where can I check the problem?

According to KDE, the problem is most likely caused by the icon theme you’re using.

Yes, youre right, I researched that megasync icon in the tray is the problem, but after boot only. I dont know why. Because everything is ok when I quit megasync and run again.

I suspect that this may be due to the icon cache having been rebuilt/updated after running the application the first time.

I’ll try to set the application to run a few minutes after booting and let know.

I’ve the same problem but only with dual screen. If i kill this process i don’t have anymore icon for Discord / Slack / Hexchat but cpu usage is fine.
In single monitor everything is ok.

Yes you’re right. Everything is ok with single screen. Weird, I plan I will switch to another environment.