Xdotool causes change of keymap: SUPER-key switches to tty1

I’m not quite sure if that behavior was already there and I just didn’t notice OR if I messed something up.
But now I’ve got a really annoying problem, when I hit my SUPER key (e.g. windows key) twice in a row, suddenly my Manjaro/XFCE switches to tty1.
I am still able to get back to the Xsession via Alt+F7 but still, that annoys the heck out off me. I’m using this setup for about a half year and didn’t noticed this “feature” yet…

I think I maybe have “discovered” a second keymap layer on my keyboard, because there is also some kind of lock printed onto the SUPER key as well. And therefore imho it would make sense, at least more or less to provide some actual for this second keymap of the key. Probably just goes a complete wrong

Maybe you could tell me a way to inspect the keymap/layer or what ACTUALLY happens (in the background) after hitting twice the SUPER key

My SUPER key looks like that (it’s that keyboard)

Well it seems it is not a default feature, because it does not happen on my system, although i don’t have that keyboard you use…

PS: Your profile says “Desktop Environment= Manjaro” you should change that to “XFCE” :wink:

hmmmmm WELL after a bit of research how to display the raw keyboard data…mehh, well it seems to be a bit weird, imho at least to me. I got the following output by
xev | sed -n 's/[ ]*state.* \([^ ]*\)).*/\1/p' ( :smiley: stolen line from superuser.org but GREAT line)

Super_L (I did press the SUPER key only once, the rest of thekeystrokes aren’t mine)
Alt_L (now I’m actually back typing Alt+F7 to get back to tty7)

the whole thing becomes even more weird, because I hoped that the “FN” on my Keyboard doesn’t do anything (at least what I get as input in the console) maybe it’s somehow messing with the modifier keys in general?

Is there a way to disable the ttyx switching on the Alt+Fx Keys, BUT still being able to switch tty’s if I’m e.g. trapped in tty1 or need to restart X with some other tty?

I think that is a functionality of the kernel, you need to research that because i have no info on that in my memory :wink:

sooo, weird stuff. I’ve realised it only is possible to switch tty1 with this Ctrl+Alt+Fx Keycombo…there is a way to diable it (with localectl) but then I would be stuck in tty1 and wouldn’t be able to get back to tty7 easily.

Furthermore I saw, but only once a notify message pop up, mentioning that sticky keys are enabled…WHAT? how can the get enable without pressing any key, in that moment I were reading something, therefore not even a finger was near the keyboard.

I have absolutely no idea if this is related, but i just saw on: Xfce 4.10 sticky keys enable keybind / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums about enabling sticky keys with a shortcut, and thought maybe it helps:

It seems to be Shift key, if you press it for long enough, you activate that thing, if you press it for 8 seconds it goes away. I am searching for a way to disable it for good but no luck so far, maybe has to do that I use GDM (I think is a gnome feature, who knows, I’ll keep researching)

WELL WELL after a lot of head wreaking I found the cause of the issue → it’s xdotool…

I do call xdotool within lua scripts (for devilspie2) and within a few bash-aliases/function… it look like that for example any of that triggers the weird SUPER-Key glitch…

but now there’s just a new question WHY does out of nowhere (maybe some update) cause xdotool such a thing…

how I use xdotool for example (without those commands ever beeing called in the session the error does not occur, but after executing xdotoll WITH parameter it start occurring)

in lua:
os.execute("sleep 0.05 && xdotool key 'super+Left'")

in bash:
xdotool search --desktop 0 --classname navigator
xdotool key --clearmodifiers 'Ctrl+w'

maybe I’m just making some stupid mistake, hopefully it’s that easy

could somebody please change the title of my Thread to something more descriptive like:
“xdotool causes change of keymap: SUPER-key switches to tty1”

Not a moderator but still able to adjust the title as per your request.
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