Xbox controller s bluetooth not pairing correctly

I’m trying to connect my xbox s controller via bluetooth (integrated into the motherboard)
I’m starting the search, found the controller, press connect and the prompt says connected but the controller’s light still flashes and the controller does not work…
connecting via usb it’s working like a charm…
please help

Hi drk, welcome to the forum :partying_face:

According to the arch wiki USB is indeed supported. BT is another matter, please read this:

This is something you can find via a search engine: it was the first hit with these keywords:
manjaro linux xbox controller bluetooth

I’ve alredy disabled ertm and installed the xpadneo driver but it is not pairing
I’ll try explain better the issue

I power on the controller
press the pair button for 3 sec and the light flashes fast
then on the system open the btmanager and search for devices
the device appears so I press connect
the prompt says that is connected but the controller is flashing fast still

For the next post: if you show that you made the effort to help yourself and document what you did to try to make it work you will have a much greater chance of receiving help, or being pointed to solutions you already tried.

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I’ve bought an external bt usb stick ver. 4.0 and the controller now connects to it. I’ve set Privacy = device in bluetooth main config file only. so the problem is in the driver of my internal bt ( B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI rev. 1.0). The last one discovers the controller but fails when tries to authenticate.

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You may need to update controller’s firmware.
To flash xbox controller with win10 in kvm:

  1. Add xpad to modrpobe’s blacklist.
  2. Reboot to apply modrpobe’s config.
  3. Plug your controller to USB, Xbox button should not light up.
  4. Pass through controller to VM’s. Use VirtManager’s “Add device” while VM is stopped.
  5. Start Win10 VM.
  6. Reconnect controller to USB or press and hold Xbox button. Button should light up.
  7. Install and run Xbox Accessories from Microsoft Store.
  8. Xbox Accessories should detect the controller and ask for update.
  9. Do not forget to remove xpad from blacklist and reboot.