Xbox 360 Gamepad Driver

i Have A Gamepad With Xbox 360 Layout , It Recognises As “Microsoft Corp. Xbox360 Controller” when i type “lsusb” in my terminal , when i type “lsusb” second time , after one second it shows as “ShenZhen ShanWan Technology Co., Ltd. PC/PS3/Android”

i cant play any games with this driver being used , is there any way that i can make “Microsoft Corp. Xbox360 Controller” As Default insted of “ShenZhen ShanWan Technology Co., Ltd. PC/PS3/Android”

Any Kind Of Help Will be Appreciated .

See the Gamepad - ArchWiki

Please post the output of lsusb while it’s connected so we can see the hardware ID.

I Appreciate Your Response Thankyou, But Unfortunately I didn’t find my solution.

i Appreciate your response Thankyou,
Here is what i got
Bus 001 Device 008: ID 2563:0526 ShenZhen ShanWan Technology Co., Ltd. PC/PS3/Android

So you purchased a Knockoff of the Xbox 360? That sounds like some Shady Chinese Company producing “fake” Branded Goods and selling that as Real.