Xbox 360 Controller Driver Fix

Sorry If This Is A Duplicate Thread.

Hello Iam New To Arch Based Linux, Iam Currently Using Manjaro Gnome Nibia.

The Problem Is

When I plugin My Wireless Controller’s Dongle It Shows As “ShanWan PC/PS3/Android”,

Is There Any Way To Replace This Driver With Xbox 360 Driver For Better Pc Game Compatibility?


Have you read this this post, it states that the 360 controller should be supported.

The ‘ShanWan PC/PS3/Android’ could mean that you are not using the controller that you think you are using, :point_down: could be a good starting point to find out how to get it to work.

p.s. if you get it to work please post the solution here, other searchers will thank you later :slight_smile:

Thank You For Your Response, But My Controller Is not Bluetooth One It Uses A Seperate Wifi Dongle To Get Connected With My Laptop… :innocent: