X11 "feels" like it's pushing a lower refresh rate, unlike Wayland (Gnome)

Hi! So I’ve decided to switch from Wayland to X11 because there are some tweaks I wanna do which require X11. My problem is that after switching to X11 there was a noticeable difference in fluidity. My laptop has an 144Hz display, to which I’ve gotten really accustomed to. That being said, I couldn’t help but notice that after switching to X11 and dragging some windows around/ simply moving the mouse around, the responsiveness and fluidity has dropped dramatically. It looks and feels exactly like a 60Hz display, even though xrandr says that the 1920x1080 144Hz mode is selected. Can you guys point me in the right direction?
Xorg Log
Output of xrandr

There’s no short answer to that, because it would be like comparing apples to oranges - please read here:

From my own experience I can say that on my ‘weak’ eeePc wayland performs stellar compared to xorg - the keyword being ‘wayland-shared-memory’.

So I suppose that my problem is caused by the very nature of the compositor? I thought about this as well, but I haven’t heard or seen anyone complain on the internet about a more “stuttery” experience on X11 over Wayland, and that’s why i thought that this was an isolated issue. So I guess that’ll I’ll just have to live with it? Seems very strange to me. I thought that there may be some kind of “target framerate” setting or something similar on X which somehow got defaulted to 60.

I see by your use profile you’re using an NVIDIA GPU. You can manually set the refresh rate in NVIDIA X Server Settings.

Just in case you’re not familiar and for others coming across this post:

  • Open NVIDIA X Server Settings with elevated privileges to change settings:
    sudo nvidia-settings
  • Under X Server Display Configuration, change the Refresh rate from Auto to 144 Hz (or whatever your monitor supports)
  • Click the Save to X Configuration File, click Browse, choose /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf, Save and Quit