Wrong resolution

hello, today i was wondering around with my display and i changed the resolution in manjaro settings, and now my display says input not supported. How can i fix this? I can enter thr tty shell.


From TTY then you run:
rm -rf ~/.local/share/kscreen

and then you reboot the system with:
systemctl reboot

Thanks bro il try it

Still doesn’t work.

are you sure then you did not changed the nvidia.conf trough Nvidia X Server settings?
and you are on KDE Plasma, right?

The OP (wrongfully) posted this in the #support:xfce section, so I don’t think so. :stuck_out_tongue:

well … then better the OP clears that out


also “PLSM” ? :slight_smile:

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Probably “Plasma”, typed on a keyboard where the letter “A” is not functioning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I find “NF” as a GPU driver more intriguing. “Not For sale”, maybe? Or NFidia"? :stuck_out_tongue:

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