Wrong password whenever I login


Hello guys, I am using Manjaro deepin, and everything was okay until one day my PC slowed down and I wasn’t able to do anything. so I switched to tty2 and I reboot my pc as root.
but whene my system restart whene I enter my password it tells “wrong password” and I am sure it’s my right one.
so switched to tty2 and I was able to login as root and I switched to another user and then back to my actual user and whene I enter my password it was right!
I changed my password to an easy one only few . characters but i wasn’t able to login also however I was able to switch from new user to my old user with that password!


You can’t login as user from the display manager and you can login as root from a TTY, but you can login as user from a TTY? Maybe the problem is in the display manager.

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I don’t think so, because what I did, I created a user and I tried to connect with it. and I succed but whene I copied my configs from my old user to new one … I am no longer able to connect to new user.


Sounds like you have a way of finding out which configuration files are causing the problem.

Repeat the same process, but copy smaller sets of files. Check each time whether it works. Once you find it doesn’t work, remove the files you just copied and look at those.