Wrong partition size after resizing

I resized partitions but know Dolhpin shows wrong size:

While partition manager says:

It kind of bothers me that Dolhpin indicates that I am out of space. I already tried resize2fs /dev/sdX (with X being your home partition) from Wrong disk space detected by Dolphin after repartitioning

The ext4 Filesystem reserves some space for root. This can be chanced if you want to use the complete space for user data. See


Partition Manager shows for 92/98 for sda3 while Properties shows 96 and 0 free (and 84 gb?!?!?!). Sorry if I was not specific enough.

I am pretty sure it should be 84/96 + 2 reserved.

If you didn’t change it, it is the default which is 5%, which is just under 5GiB reserved for the ~ 100 you have.
You shrunk the partition? You just said resize.

No, is made it bigger. So somehow it is still showing it is too small while it should be not. Sorry for the missing details.

So the command was:
resize2fs /dev/sda3

(but that’s not your home partition)

Well… you shrunk sda4, move it to the right and then expand sda3 to the right on the unallocated free space? Correct?

Just for explaining:

1 % → file system, also called metadata
5% → reserved space for root
5-10% → ext4 journal

So the space can be reduced by about 11 to 16% in general.

So in your case:

98.62 / 84.3 * 0.01 = 11,7%

I updated the question. I took the screenshots while booting from USB, but I actually did everything from booting in Manjaro. Sorry for the confusion.

>>> sudo resize2fs /dev/sda3                                                                                                                              
[sudo] password for andreas: 
resize2fs 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
The filesystem is already 25852672 (4k) blocks long.  Nothing to do!

What I did: I shrunk sda2 with free space after. I increased sda3 with half of the available space and moved the free space after it. I increased sda4 with the other half.

As explained above… you need more space. There is nothing else you can do with the partition.

If you increase the partition to 150GB then it would better:

150 / 84.3 * 0.01 = 17.8%

The filesystem has air to breave and you can write data.

You can remove the root reserved space, since it is only useful on root filesystems, so sda1 in your case.

Can be done with tune2fs.

Since I see you are german, you wouldn’t have problems with this guide: "root reserved space" bei ext3/ext4 anpassen | DinoTools

Oh, I overread your example above. Thanks for the explanation and the link. I gave sda3 more space from sda2 and also reduced root reserved space. I guess I need a bigger drive soon anyway.

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For defending myself ;), it did change to correct and expecting sizes without doing anything. I am not crazy…