Wrong OS reported

Hopefully this is the correct place for such a post. When looking at Preferences, it is reporting that I am using a Windows PC, but am actually using Manjaro KDE. Does anyone know why this is? It's not hugely important but wondering what would make it report the wrong OS?

What do you mean 'preferences' ? What Desktop ? Maybe a screenshot ?

There is no "Preferences" under Plasma 5, do you mean System Settings (aka Control Center)?
If so, which kcm (KDE Control Module) are you looking at exactly?

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I am talking about the forum and User Profile, not KDE. When you click on your logo in the top right corner of the forum, it shows your username on the drop down box, click on that and you get another drop down box, click preferences, and at the bottom of the screen it tells you where/what you were/are logged in with.

For me it says, "Windows Computer Active Now" when in fact I am logged in using Manjaro KDE. It also says I logged in on the 15th Dec using GNU/Linux.

Like I said, it's not hugely important, but just trying to clarify why that is the case.

it could be picking it up from your browser's user agent. have you modified it or are using a plugin that does?

Ah, yes, that would be it, thank you.

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