Wrong info on manjaro.org Download Page

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Get Gnome 21.1.0
For people who want a very modern and simple desktop

This edition is supported by the Manjaro team and comes with the GNOME 3 desktop that breaks with traditional concepts and allows users to focus on their tasks. Desktop-specific applications are crafted with care and clearly defined by guidelines that make them more consistent to use.

Manjaro Gnome 21.1.0 Comes with Gnome 40 not Gnome 3
plz update the info.


Gnome is confusing - to say the least - Gnome is at 3.40 - not Gnome 40 although the toolkit itself is referenced as GTK4.

So in terms of describing the ISO it would be correct state it contains Gnome 3.40.

But who knows? Gnome devs may be in the process of moving away from the semantic version creating a new version.

Just like when Windows decided to jump from 8 to 10 - perhaps with a small influence from OSX :smiley_cat:

Indeed not 4.0 but 40.

The Gnome Foundation calls the newest Gnome Release “GNOME 40” . There is no so called Gnome 3.40 and with the move to GTK4, it should not called Gnome 3 anymore.


But not all programs in the Gnome Universum jumped from 3.38 to 40. For example the Gnome Terminal is indeed at 3.40 but the Gnome Shell is now at version 40. There are other examples since not all Gnome programs had the same version as a Gnome release. But most of them are not at version 40.X.

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That was a typo :slight_smile:

On my general confusion on the state of Gnome - is it semantic 3.36 → 3.40? Then all is announced as 40 with the semantic pointing to 3.40?

Is it GTK2 → GTK3 → GTK4 and we should now think of it as then next iteration of the toolkit?

If it is the latter then a sematic versioning of 4.x would be expected - not a jump from 3 to 40?

I think the Gnome foundation is making it hard for their devoutees - there is no zen’ish about the versioning.


we dont know why they switched to 3.38 to 40.

but its GNOME 40 now, So plz Update the Website

The Wrong info can misguide the new user (Like me)

who visits manjaro.org to try out latest Gnome Experience on manjaro

I can understand that - but when you expect Gnome 40 - as they market it - when users then see their internal apps as 3.40 - what is correct?

I think they will be as :confounded: as I am.

I guess that will pass as they evolve - they may have been in a hurry to release something for masses to chew on :slight_smile:

Yes it is confusing. But I think they wanted to be modern. Just think of the version-numbers of newer Browser. It needs to be big for some reason. :man_shrugging:

Maybe the next Gnome version will be 42 , there is a beta Gnome Shell release at version 41.

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Fixed with this commit.

Should be visible next time the website gets rebuilt.

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superb, :slight_smile:

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