Writing files on USB issue


I have been using Manjaro at least 3 years for now. Now on my new laptop (Huawei Matebook D 14 inch on AMD ryzen5). I am using KDE.

Lately I have encountered and issue with copying files to USB sticks and on my android phone.
The large media files are almost always corrupted on USB or phone - movies are unable to open and mp3 files are "cutted". Other documents like large pdfs as well.

Usually I copy-paste files in Dolphin, so I tried Krusader instead, but with similar results.
USBs are FAT partitioned to share my files with "Windows fiends". But I also have this issue when moving files on manjaro to my android phone (suppose it have different partition system).

Is it a partition problem or some larger issue of moving files between systems ?
Is there any way I can copy-paste files with error checking and be sure they are well copied on USB or phone ?
I want the USBs content to be later used on Windows or TVs without worrying of corrupted files.

Appreciate for any help with the issue.

Always un-mount the device safely - and wait until all data is flushed to the device.

If you are in doubt - open a terminal and run


When command returns - it is safe to remove the USB.

FAT32 has a file size limit of 4G.

Using exFAT removes the limit.

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Thank you for help, but unfortunately that didn't solve the problem.
I always un-mount safely.
Even formatted to exFat.
Still large files seem to copy to the USB too fast and the file while mounting the drive again is corrupted. I tried on a few USB sticks with the same results.
The really strange and annoying issue.

I would suggest testing an older LTS kernel such as 4.14. On some systems the newer kernels have produced I/O errors.

This also sounds like there is a possibility that USB power saving settings may be interfering with large transfers that take a long time. Search for info on masking or disabling tlp as a test to see if tlp is causing this issue with a USB power saving setting.

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