Writing a how-to wiki-style


So I just setup my system to allow quick restores with btfrs + timeshift. Works wonderfully. However before I got there, I have to admit it wasn’t a straightforward path and the readings required to get somewhat up to speed (at least for a non sysadmin such as myself) is a bit dense.

So I thought I’d write something “btfrs + timeshift for dummies”. There are already guides out there that I followed, but they are quite dense and they tend to incluce a number of bells & whistles (encryption etc.) that the basic user may not want/need, but they do make the instructions harder to follow. Another issue I came across was that there’s a number of knowledge bits that seem to be taken for granted (such as - if you’re gonna to this, you’re probably looking at a fresh install), but that may not be obvious to basic users.

So… how/were would I go about that? I’ll be setting up for myself a website/blog soon on github pages, so one option would be to just wait for that. Though there is something to be said about concentrating knowledge where it makes sense (e.g. manjaro-related websites).

  • You can write in the tutorials-section
  • You can get access to the wiki and write there

There is a page about btrfs

A page for Timeshift may be a good idea

I would suggest to do this in steps (1. Post in tutorials, 2. create wiki-page)