WPS Office interface problem

Hi, there!

Met such kind of problem with WPS office, that some types of icons are not to be shown and I see just crosses instead of them. (just like the icon is deleted or unavailable)
In case of installed from Flatpak - it even notifies me about such kind of problem, but does not offer any solution.
In case of installed from AUR happens the same but with no notifying.
It does not influence the productivity of software, but aesthetically looks awful :frowning:

I’ve used Softmaker office for along (even paid version), but the last days work with lot of documents, where I need to keep the initial design, or .ppt files.
After all tests just WPS open them correctly (with no changes)
50/50 Softmaker and Libre is the worst on that thing.

So maybe some one met that problem and is the same sensitive on aesthetic look like me, so may offer me any kind of solution.

Thanks in advance

Solved with installing from snap. (Do not like snaps at all, but nevertheless, no such problem from there)
Maybe will be useful for someone

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