Wps-office as default manjaro office package

This office suite is fast and full featured compared to LibreOffice or any of the other office suites.

Recommend as default office suite

absolutely NOT!
its proprietary software;
its a chinese clone of microsoft office;
its not open source;
it collects user data and provides them to third parties, including cross-border transfer of information;

i rest my case!


The whole Linux comunity has a very good reason why they choose to use this as default office suit…
The above poster mentioned the main reasons why your suggestion will never become a replacement for it…

Absolute requirements:

  • It needs to be OpenSource.
    (so the community can check and fix/remove unwanted behavior)
  • It can never provide collected user data to any third-parties.
    (To protect the privacy of the users who use it)

Unless something has changed in recent times and I would be remiss, Manjaro offers you a choice between different office suites at installation time, so there is no real default.

Furthermore, the Manjaro GmbH — i.e. the commercial department of Manjaro as an organization — has business deals with the makers of Softmaker Office. It would be very bad business practice to push an office suite from a competitor to one’s business partner as the default.

Lastly, as @brahma said, WPS Office is proprietary software, and it offers nothing that LibreOffice doesn’t also offer, while the opposite is true: LibreOffice supports more document formats than WPS Office.

Note: Manjaro as a distribution is not opposed to the use of proprietary software for those who would wish so — we are not a strict Free/Libre distribution — but when a choice between Free/Libre software and proprietary software is available, then the Free/Libre software bears our preference.


I think that’s no longer the case nowadays. At least, during my last reinstall, that didn’t happen.

Libreoffice has became a good industry standard, you cannot go wrong with it. WPS is very competitive as well, but it comes with a number of uncertainties the user needs to address.

It used to be the case when Manjaro offered Free Office as a default choice, which made a super huge drama back then. “Ermahgerd, proprietary software as a default on a Linux distribution, Manjaro is dead move on Arch Linux people.”

Nowadays, Only Office is given by default, at least on KDE and XFCE, and it is free software, so I guess they felt like there was no point to offer the choice in the install.

Now, if you prefer to use something else, you can, well, just uninstall the one you don’t like and install the one that you do like. It’s not that complicated to install LibreOffice to be honest.

It might be a bit more complicated for WPS Office as it is in the AUR. I haven’t tried to install it, but I dont see why it would be more complicated than other applications like, for example, Zoom.

Any proof of that? As far as i know that might be true for the Windows version but i never heard of it for the linux version?

But yes all your other arguments against are certainly true!

Mm that is not true, wps office has tabs for instance that is absence in Libreoffice

its in their privacy policy … including giving the data to different jurisdictions…

libre office has also tabs, go to view/user interface and you can select tabbed or other options…

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I think he means that you can open multiple files in the same window and they will be presented as Tabs. Not that the menu is tabbed.

yes that is what i mean, wps can do that, libreoffice can’t


@brahma already insisted and pointed to the reasons why wps is a no-go in a community that expect privacy and respect from the applications they use. if you accept a application that is dishonorable only because it has a gimmick that you like then it’s up to you. but don’t expect that all other users will agree in your manner. this application is highly doubtful, dishonorable and dangerous and does not meet the standards of OpenSource in any way.

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I think it is time to make the following statement in this topic:

  • In the past millennium:
    • Linux tried to be more like Micr$@$ just to draw more users.
    • Commercial Developers targeted Micr$@$ because it was the only (at least biggest) commercial platform.
  • Since this millennium:
    • Micr$@$ tries to be more like Linux because it is more stable and they finally, although unwillingly, accepted the fact that the globe has more and better brains to make stuff better as they can self.
    • Commercial Developers still target Micr$@$ mostly out of fear for responsibility, but try todo the actual development as OpenSource as much as possible, to benefit from the larger brain power of the whole globe (both as in amount and quality of the brains)
  • Not long in the future:
    • Every device will be a Linux in one way or the other, because Unix is just a better platform for the complexity of the required logic build into software that tries to perform “smart” functionality.
    • Commercial software is not something that is prohibited by design in Linux, but it is enforced to be a choice of the user instead of dictated by the vendor.
    • Show me proof of any commercial software that is 100% free of OpenSource software, you won’t be able to, but there is plenty of the reverse :wink:

So let’s stop arguing about the two types of software, and end this thread because the topic has already been answered in the first few replies :vulcan_salute:


The only reasons for installing wps-office:

  1. word processor feature allows saving to PDF files preserving hyperlinks
  2. speed at handling large file sizes (poorly handled by LibreOffice).

Having read the Privacy Policy, will be looking at alternatives.

By default, preference is toward gnumeric and abiword.

Won’t implement.