WPS office 10.1 cn version is installed but not showing in AUR installed packages?How to find it and remove it?

Hi, I have a problem with WPS office package it is installed and working well but is version cn 10.1, a weird thing, is that does not appear inside AUR installed packages! And I want to remove it completely uninstall and reinstall a newer version!
I’ve tried uninstalling it with pacman -R and with yay but I couldn’t find any wps-office package, but the program is installed I see all of them Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets! Can anybody give me a hint on how to completely uninstall it? I am new with arch-based distrOS

Do you have in your system wps-office or wps-office-cn package? They are different packages and can’t exist in your system at same time. To get which WPS package you have, do:

pamac search --installed wps-office

I only can see them in applications menu as versions 2016 aka 10.1. But pamac search doesn’t return anything. It is like a ghost package in my system, I can see it as app but not as AUR package in order to remove it!

Apparently you didn’t install it with Pacman, so it doesn’t know about it. Try installing wps-office-cn from the AUR. If it complains there are conflicting files remove them manually and try again.

Thanks for your answers I couldn’t remember how I installed it, it was long ago. Then I find out my stupidity level is over 100, I’ve checked my history and I found out that I’ve installed it with snap **## it makes sense :smile: !