WOW i3wm is amazing

WOW i3wm is amazing!

I did not even think I would be able to make it work for me.

Manjaro version is amazing, thanks.

I love grey color and its versions.

I was trying KDE, again, on MacBook Air 11,6” it looks nice yes, but... anyway I wiped out whole disk and installed last i3wm Manjaro ISO. After successfully installing it I could not get sound from it. I played with alsamixer for few minutes then I decided to install Gnome (reinstall is faster then googling specific Linux problems at this stage) because I know sound works there and found out that pulseaudio makes the sound so I wiped disk again and installed i3. (I just wanted to have clean i3 install).

It is nearly a perfect fit for 11,6” screen, who needs window borders? Who needs heavy menus? It reminds me iPadOS which I love because you have full screen apps all the time with no borders or menus or you can have two apps next each other! Perfect. Yes i3wm is more versatile I just do user’s comparisons.

I of course uninstalled some packages what I do not want, like that palemoon browser, printer support, gimp, xterm, vim (I even have problem to close this program, nano is enough for editing configs)

I installed cmus for music playing, mc I just want to have two panels sometimes, but I use ranger more now. Calcurse, wavemon, bitwarden from snap and of course as an Apple fanboy icloud-for-linux and some funny apps like sl and cmatrix. For weather I use curl

I just need to do some tweaks and adjustments to fit my needs and wants what I do not know how but not gonna ask here at this moment because I did not run out of bullets yet! And I am on testing because I like updates. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the world of tiling WM :smiley:

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I'm also very happy with my i3. I'm really looking forward to trying out bspwn once that is up and running again. But I really am a fan of the tiling Windows.

Yeah I think tiling WM on screen bigger then 13,3” would look strange.

Mine is 14", but that's about the same. I only have one 15" computer on Manjaro stable KDE that I don't use enough to mess with. Ye old faithful save my ass computer.

I have 15” Gnome stable connected to 27” I do not mess this system too I use for games, son would be unhappy if I would show him just black TTY without steam :slight_smile:

Huh? What's wrong with tiling on bigger screens? My Thinkpad has 15.4'' and I'm happy with i3wm.

I do not know I did not try it, just the space is not that limited on bigger screens.

I don't use it because it's space efficient. It's almost exactly how I used to tile my windows even on a big screen with KDE, now it just does it for me.

For me it's a laptop/desktop deal. I can't hang w tiling on my desktops. I can't live without a tiling wm on a laptop device. :man_shrugging:

The manjaro-i3 version is my laptop daily driver. It has 99% of the changes I would make already implemented. Usually better than I would too.

Yeah, I do not want to tweak the design (I would not make it nicer for sure) or any major changes I really like how it is I just need to do some cosmetic and some setting changes what I need to have. More hardware related.

The only difference is next time I will install it with architect. I feel there's a lot of things I still don't need. Otherwise, it's fantastic.

It's actually running just fine, as long as you use some other iso to install it. It's made to install with manjaro-architect, so install media doesn't matter that much.

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Now that part I had no idea. I just saw it wasn't on the community page anymore. Very cool.

Architect install also offers a full and minimal version for bspwm. I'm wondering if the same option is available using architect for i3wm...

It is for all editions except for openbox

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@airclay @chrysostomus I've never actually tried the architect installer. I've done calamares. Arch. Archfi. Zen. Terrible ubiquity. I guess I have something to do this weekend now.

It's really simple, just step by step. I would take the time to make sure some sort of network manager gets installed. Ive made that mistake more than once. :sweat:

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Sounds a lot like the Archfi script. It's on the docket for soon. I'm almost a month into my i3 install. I'll save my config and xresource files if I decide to come back and give it a go.

Simply amazing I can not believe.
I shrink i3 to 878 packages (yeah I want to have as less as possible, I do not know why, till it breaks, maybe)
Now the CLI has meaning and reasons for me.
I got rid off most of the gui apps and use these in CLI
imv pictures
nnn file manager
mpv media player
termdown timer/stopwatch
bc calculator
nano text
it is super fast and easy
bmenu is super!
only problem is to remember those shortcuts for each CLI but time will solve this.
After booting it takes just under 400MB of my 4GB RAM hahaaaa

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