Would Ugee 2150 and a Wacom tablet conflict?

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Having been thrilled to find Paintstorm in the AUR, I’m looking at trying out a small wired Wacom tablet ([CTL-4100K-N). I realise Paintstorm’s proprietary, and apologise, but have missed it so badly since coming to Linux. Paintstorm will only work with Wacom, and concerns any installs/configurations may clash with Ugee 2150, which is working perfectly.

EDIT: having just tried out the old Huion tablet I have, I’m not going to be able to paint that way, lol. Will maybe look at a larger Wacom when the Ugee needs replacing.


It seems only we will talk a lot about tablets even tho there are around 7 or 8 people i know in the forum that have tablets and use them for art … :slight_smile:
With wacom, the advantage is the use of kcm-wacomtablet that stores the config and info/profile in ~/.config/tabletprofilesrc and never overlaps/interfere even when there are 2 tablets connected. You can assign different profiles for each tablet, and each tablet can have different profiles for different programs. The profiles do not load automatically, but you can set a shortcut to switch them.

AFAIK there are a couple of Huion models that also work with kcm-wacomtablet as their ID was added to the code used for it. Maybe in time there will be added more and more tablets, and make use of different drivers (digimed, libinput/libwacom, xf86-input-wacom) and all work nicely together with the use of the GUI configuration.

There is a way to use the wacom driver to most tablets, is a sort of hack, “fooling” the system to use input events trough wacom, so maybe other programs will work trough it too. It would require to create a xx-tablet.conf (replacing xx with a number - let’s say 50) inside /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d with this entry:

Section "InputClass"
Identifier "Huion on wacom"
# MatchIsTablet "on"
MatchProduct "HUION"
MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
Driver "wacom"

Some models require to uncomment the MatchIsTablet "on", and there might be some models that work too by replacing MatchProduct "HUION" with MatchProduct "Different_Model". Some people still make use of the xsetwacom commands to map the tablet area and stylus.

I think is safe for you to play around with more tablets and make them all work, but make sure you take note of all you do, so you can revert back if something fails.

Let me know a place where i can see your portfolio, if you don’t mind and if is not a secret :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply. Yes, we’re few in number; quality rather than quantity, lol.

Great to know that the Ugee 2150 wouldn’t be affected, and I agree; more tablets with drivers combined and working nicely together would be ideal. The couple of Huions using kcm-wacomtablet are the larger draw on-screen ones?

I like the sound of the hack to make the wacom driver be used … might it be possible regarding the Ugee 2150, or is it meant to be used only with a Huion? If it would work with one of the large Huion graphics tablets that would be great also, eg Huion GT-220 V2.

I’m not good at code stuff, especially about tablets/drivers; normally copy/paste to be honest, and have wrecked systems before, lol, but it would basically be creating eg 50-tablet.conf, and good to try replacing the word Huion with Ugee? If I mess up it would just be a case of uninstalling the AUR digimend package and reinstalling?

Thank you for asking to see my work; I’d like to see yours also, if that’s okay … are you on youtube or deviantart, places like that? I’m not actually on social media at all; very privacy focussed, and don’t know if images can be added to posts … if not, it’s possible to PM you a sample?

Well, there are a couple of things that are a bit convoluted when comes to tablets and libinput. The system needs libinput to make use of the events*, but also it needs the proper driver for each tablet in order to communicate with it. That communication can be done also trough a “bridge”, and in some cases the wacom driver can do that, but you don’t have to remove the other drivers.

We had a very long discussion about it here:

Probably the longest that there is, with some results, but for me was not clear if the OP understood all the proposals and how to make them work …

Me neither, i can do some things as i did back in 2014 to make my tablets fully work with kcm-wacomtablet and have all the buttons active and programable. Back then the code was incomplete. Anyway, that workaround is no longer needed because it had been adopted to the official source code and also fixed some of my mistakes.

Yes, you can try, but you have to use the description of the tablet as is seen by the Digimed AUR package, so you have to keep it, and if is not working, you simply remove the 50-tablet.conf file to get back as you have it now. No reinstall required either.
xinput --list
is showing you the device name and ID, and that is what you have to use.
For instance, the 50-tablet.conf could look like this:

Section "InputClass"
Identifier "kamvas-pen on wacom"
MatchIsTablet "on"
MatchProduct "kamvas-pen"
MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event14"
Driver "wacom"

if the xinput --list would look like this:

But there must be only one driver that will trigger the event on the same device/ID …

I know many caricature artists from all over the world (probably 2000) and 150 are simply amazing international artists. I know around 500 concept artists that work for different big companies, and 30 pinup-artists, so i’m always interested to see works from artists with different background :slight_smile:

I never felt ok there as i don’t feel ok on artstation, and i didn’t post there in years. My style doesn’t quite conform with the trends.

Well, that’s a good and bad thing … Is a good thing if you already have clients that you work for regularly, or for a company that keeps demanding works from you, but if you want to attract more people, you have to make yourself known … I didn’t visited Facebook in a long time, on instagram i posted last time after i start feeling better, an injury to my wrist kept me away from drawing quite a long time…
I use my name everywhere :slight_smile: From my site you can access/see some of my portfolio

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Hi and thanks again. It was the GT-220 … the Kamvas looks nice, but I’m happy with something like the Ugee 2150, and the GT-220 looks like basically the same device.

Good that you’ve been able to learn how to configure tablets etc … complex stuff! How much is in the kernel now is amazing.

I’ll give some thought to whether to try out the conf file, so thank you for the example.

Yes, I can understand not being on certain online places … best to do your own thing, and things work out anyway. I’m not seeking work tbh now; ill health, but you are right that it’s important to be visible as much as possible if you want to get known.

Sorry to hear you had a wrist injury; it must be great to be back drawing. I can see you on Youtube; your kitty painting is adorable! and you are clearly very talented at portraiture/caricature. The videos showcasing your work are really good. Thanks for link to site also.

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of course , this are two different drawing tablet brand .

I have a 11.6" XP-Pen Artist 12 Pen Display Tablet . the driver conflict with the wacom cintiq drawing tablet monitor . so I have to uninstall the driver of wacom when use the XP-Pen Artist 12 .

It truely is amazing! It is pretty precize and the pressure sensor works very well.
I am using it with Paintstorm and love it a lot!!
I can draw really easily on it , digital art became my new main hobby.

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Thanks youbing :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoy the XP-Pen and painting! And you have pen pressure in Paintstorm on Manjaro?! … that would be incredible, as I can’t get pen pressure with the Ugee 2150 for Paintstorm, or in Medibang (as you’re saying on the Krita thread), but Krita and Gimp work perfectly. The dev says Paintstorm works only with Wacom on Linux. I can see a lot of threads advertising XP-Pen devices on the Paintstorm forum, and one thread where many (on Windows) are having issues.

I’d decided to leave it for now, but have just taken a look at the smaller XP-Pen devices, and can see there’s a 15.6, with 8192 levels of pressure, and no need to recharge the pens. It says ‘unsupported’ in the Digimend list, but I can’t see your device in the list either, so maybe it will work at some point. People seem to be getting it to work okay: https://github.com/DIGImend/digimend-kernel-drivers/issues/221 … and there are XP Pen drivers for linux (.sh). I really like Ugee, and will see if I can find a smaller one, but I’ll keep an eye on if the Xp-Pen 15.6 becomes officially supported.

I would argue about that … but … there is no point to argue. If XP-Pen Artist 12 uses the digimed driver, then there is no conflict with wacom driver; if the pen is a Deco01 = again, no conflict; if is a Star03 pen, then it works with the wacom driver. In all cases is using the xsetwacom that comes with the xf86-input-wacom
The problem you might have came across is with the fact that only in KDE Plasma you can create separate profiles for each tablet/pen and YOU have to tweak them manually before are working properly.
Other DE’s are using just one at a time and can’t handle two different calibrations, nor two tablets button mappings simultaneously.


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