Would there be a KDE Dev focused category or topic?

In relation to this call Plasma is Great!:

A sub-question first:
There are kde*-git packages in Testing branch (I guess also in Unstable).
Since I usually like to contribute on software I use and benefit from, I was considering trying KDE dev/git packages. I would prefer to not mess with every unstable packages, narrowing down to KDE.
Is it possible (makes sense) to just replace my current KDE related packages with the git counterparts (or use a clean installation on Testing branch)? or do I need to switch to unstable branch?

Main Topic question:
In any case, considering the Arch contribution forum Category (literally unused...) and the close relation of Manjaro to KDE devs, I find it more than reasonable that there is a KDE contribution/dev/git category, that would be the Focus Point for both KDE devs and Manjaro contributors for co-operation on KDE issues. Example

In the time it takes to convert your install, you can easily install another, and dual-boot.

For quite some months, I ran KDE-Dev (unstable minimal. with KDE-git packages). I found it stable enough for daily use, but I am not running anything mission-critical.

More recent ISOs are KDE-Vanilla.

I am not really fun of ISOs :wink: , meaning I try to connect to the branch naming...
I was wondering about the existence of kde -git packages, assuming they can be run on Testing, since they are introduced there.
I guess it is difficult to get a Manjaro dev/packager to give some official info :laughing:, as they are all extremely busy with the new Manjaro.

I am considering this, of course. Though in my personal workflow I have realized this is kind of back and forth circling, thus ending in using one install almost exclusively.
I haven't gone in any Unstable road yet, having a lot of confidence on Testing. But it was about the same feeling also when I switched from Debian to Manjaro and from Stable to Testing.

I'll see...
Thanks @mparillo

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