Would like to try Manjaro

I try Manjaro for a very short time a year ago, but because I have tree other OS’s in my desktop, manjaro develops "kernel panic " is there a way I can try manjaro again

Are you saying that the three other OS’s are making Manjaro kernel panic? Because I don’t believe having those other OS’s installed should affect it at all.

I can’t tell if your kernel panic is recent or a year ago. If it’s a year ago, just download the ISO and try it.

If your system still has issues after this, we need more info about your computer.

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Your question is completely meaningless without any proper context. Quite evidently, this forum is full of people whose machines run Manjaro and do not suffer any kernel panics, so whatever caused the kernel panic on your machine must be specific to said machine, or else it’s because of something you did.

If you want any useful advice from us, then you’re going to have to provide us with more information.

It won’t and it can’t. :wink:

I haven’t yet seen a kernel panic, just boot it from a USB and see how it goes.
I don’t understand the question - you don’t need permission to do that.

ok , so when I install an OS I always unplug all other hard drives and set it all up, then I plug the other drives and update grub individually, and now I can’t use manjaro because it will not boot and the screen sais " kernel panic"

Don’t do that.

Don’t think you should do that… if you’re worried about grubs and multi OS, maybe you should switch to rEFInd. I run Manjaro without grub on my desktop, only rEFInd. It automatically scans all bootable OS’s

You can go grubless if you want if you install via Architect, and select/install rEFInd as your bootloader there.

I was told a long time ago that it was the best way to protect operating systems from having their grub corrupted , and also the best way to install with out worrying about partitioning the drive; but the best thing I learn as I install Manjaro again is that as long as you keep the master grub in the same drive with manjaro , and you set that drive to boot first then I have no more kernel panic problems ,