Would it be possible to get the Pantheon group packages in Unstable into stable quicker?

A recent Gnome update has fubared Pantheon in stable and gala crashes after the desktop shows. Gala-git solves the problem, but using AUR packages for system components isnt ideal. There is also the problem of building it in a system that crashes back to the login manager. There are recent updates in Unstable, at least to gala. Its likely better to have any bugs the unstable package has vs the desktop crashing.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done other than waiting for the next stable branch update. The pantheon package group has many packages with many dependencies.

Think of each branch as a separate version of Manjaro. Each branch may have different toolchain and library versions. Occasionally security updates can be pushed to all branches without a rebuild depending on the aforementioned. Other than that, we only push packages with binary sources or configuration files to all branches.

Either way, Pantheon is not a high priority for Arch and I’ve very rarely seen any Manjaro user even mention it. I would drop it and save yourself some time and energy. Catering to a handful (or less) of users just because they’re vocal just encourages them to continue complaining every time something doesn’t work.

Thanks for the explanation. Its one of the more popular spins, so I dont want to just drop it. Perhaps I will try building a pantheon iso with unstable packages and point to the stable repositories. It may take some time before it would get updates.

It is? Well, since you may be one of the few creating a Pantheon spin of any distro, that wouldn’t surprise me.

That means the user would be effectively using the unstable branch upon install, but then would not receive any updates at all until there was a new stable branch update. That would put users in an unsupported partial upgrade state without their knowledge. Please do not do that.

Instead, create a labeled development ISO using the unstable branch. Let users know it’s for testing purposes. Existing users can switch to the unstable branch.

If you weren’t aware, Phil has a GitHub CI setup for daily ISO builds based on the unstable branch:

Thinking about it, it would be hard to do. You are right, its probably better and easier to release an unstable iso this time as packages move towards stable. I prefer to make stable images, but its likely better to give people an option.

Well, then don’t create an ISO at all. Just let Pantheon users know they’ll need to (at least temporarily) switch to the unstable branch.

After sleeping on it, I think I have found a way forward. Gala-git is in the AUR and solves the problems of gala crashing. I can make this package and host it as gala in the sbk repo. I can then make an iso without the crashing. Granted its not a perfect solution to use aur packages for system components.
But my concern is also for anyone still running the desktop from previous releases. I think trying to prevent issues they may have is worth the chance.