Workspace Settings Crashed



Running latest v18 Manjaro.

I had 5 workspaces setup and all working fine this week. Tried to reduce the number of workspaces to 4 using the Workspaces dialog box. When I did that the panel looks like it crashed and it reduced the number of workspaces to 1. When I try to increase the number of workspaces using the + button on the dialog box, it does not respond. Not sure if there are any logs I can pump out to show you. Let me know.


Are you on Xfce, and are you using Compiz? Also post you inxi -Fzxc0 it helps when people know what they are dealing with.


Yes on XFCE. But not using Compiz.


Well first reboot and see if it works after you boot back up. Second post your inxi -Fzxc0 and journalctl -xb