Workspace selection issue (shortcut issue?)

I’ve set workspaces to static (4 in total) and I’ve set the “Switch to…” shortcuts to go to them using super+1, super+2, etc. but this simply doesn’t work. It will go to workspace 1 but none of the other ones. It behaves even weirder than that because if I add a window on workspace 4 it all of a sudden allows me to select workspace 3 (using super+3) but not workspace 4.

I get it, Gnome wants you to use dynamically created workspaces, but even that doesn’t allow you to access workspaces directly using the “Switch to workspace…” shortcuts, only using the ‘next’ and ‘previous workspace’ shortcuts.

Has anyone ever got this to work properly?

I went through all my extensions (switching them off one by one) and none of them are clashing with my shortcuts, so it seems to be a Gnome or Manjaro thing

Seems like I can use other shortcuts now, other than super+number
Still, would love to find out why the super+number shortcuts don’t work

If anyone’s interested… it was the Pop Shell extension that caused the conflict.
Even though super+number is not used in the extension, it still seems to claim them

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