Working with DVD , calc

Actually I am a very new in Linux, with zero experience
and why I am not go toward ubunto that is anther big stroy
I have some problems or should I say manjaro has!

I have two dvd burn with windows 10 os,windows 10 labeled both Aug 31 2020, when I try the second dvd , majaro say "“Faield to open directory “Aug 31 2020"”
Error when getting information for file “/run/…/Aug 31 2020/-protable”:input/output error”

why should an OS just look over label, and more important how can I solve this problem?
yes I can logout manjaro or restart my PC

calc doesn’t update itself when I copy a single cell, calc mark it, I switch to other programe ( alt+tab or muse) a web page for example, then copy some text or a word pic, etc. then back to calc, here doesn’t update itself still mark that cell but you can paste new text there not that cell which calc mark it!
maybe I have to post this problem in liberoffice forum ? :expressionless:

Either you know that, hence you have experience, or

Both can’t be true.

Manjaro is not a sentient being to say anything. :slight_smile: Indeed Manjaro is an OS, a community, a forum and a company …

Well, it depends what software you used, what speed and sometimes spaces in the name of folders might not be proper for linux.

Well, that can be because of many reasons. Did the files on that DVD properly got written? Have you tested? Try to copy their content back, in linux, your home directory using the dd command

Had hard time to understand your question and the second issue, don’t take it personally … Yes, make sure you report the issue properly to the LibreOffice developers. :slight_smile:

sorry I am not an native English speaker, so I think that is why you had hard time.

Windows burn DVDs, no other software,
So same OS same speed, No, both are perfectly work, but in manjo I have to restart OS, logout or restart
I think when I command the OS to read dvd, manjaro checks label and then try to reads content from hard not dvd
first dvd has no problem when I load second one it can not read
it try read content from somewhere “/run/…/Aug 31 2020/-protable”
now I think it is more clear?

And if you put back the first DVD after the second fails, is readable by the system? Have you tried reversing the order after a reboot?
Is quite peculiar issue and i never came across it, especially if you say the DVD’s are both identical. By any chances one of those DVD’s is encrypted/BluRay something? Do you have libdvdcss package installed?
See if anything from here might give you some ideas how to find the issue:
Especially the Troubleshooting part of it. :slight_smile:

No, this link does not solve issue.
let me put it in another way:
I have tow DVDs, name they A and B, both burn with windows built in tool, they have same label “Aug 31 2020” same speed , but not same files, both working
In manjaro I put DVD A, it can read without any problem, then put DVD B, it prompt “Faield to open directory “Aug 31 2020"”.
Restart or logout, I put DVD B, manjaro can read it perfectly, then put DVD A it prompt “Faield to open directory “Aug 31 2020"”.
I don’t have two DVDs reader device, can somebody with two DVDs device put two DVD simultaneous with same label, different data and see what will happen? in manjaro.

Well, you answered my question.
Those two DVDs might have the same label but for sure have a different UUID, hence the error is there but is shown as label error not found, as if is not refreshing the entry.
Not sure how to approach this. I dropped using DVDs long time ago.
See if this will help somehow

Another issue that I think is related to this topic:

if you connect a USB drive to your machine with some files. In manjaro copy a file to usb disconnect USB go to anther machine delete file (files) , and come back to machine 1 connect USB you still can see file (files) on USB.
did somebody has same experience ?
And is there any solution for it?