Worked my way down to 1 last error I can't figure out how to fix! Any Ideas?

Hello, I’ve knocked down every error in sudo journalctl -p 3 -xb and I have one left and Can’t figure it out and nothing is helping on google.

Apr 18 21:54:54 john kernel: hid-generic 0003:1532:024E.0008: No inputs registered, leaving

Any Ideas?

hid-generic is the generic kernel driver for HID, i.e. human input devices. This could be anything from keyboards over mice to touch pads and touch screens, but the address 0003:1532:024E.0008 might give you a clue. It’s probably a PCI address and port that are specific to your motherboard, but that’s about as much help as I can give you.

You’re also not exactly supplying us with any information regarding your system’s hardware. Therefore, please read the following post very carefully… :arrow_down:

Also, this is most likely not an actual error message, but rather an informational message.

Oh I apologize
AMD 3900x 12 core 3.8ghz
32 ghz ram
rtx 2060

But i think i figured it out looking at the address, it comes back to my razer blackwidow v3 and openrazer does not have support for it yet. So i’m pretty satisfied that my journal is cleared out and working good.

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