WordPress Jetpack problem... specific to Manjaro (somehow?)

Hi there, for some reason jetpack_subscription_widget throws generic error There was an error when subscribing. Please try again. when I try to enter any email using Manajro Linux, using any flavour (I3, Xfce) and any browser (vanilla chrome, firefox...). This error does not appear to affect Ubuntu, possibly other distros.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Spin any flavour of Manajro Linux.
  2. Open any web browser.
  3. Try to subscribe using jetpack_subscription_widget, for example at https://2020.prague.wordcamp.org/

It seems weird that this type of error would be caused by OS, but strangely enough, I can not reproduce it on Windows or any other Linux distribution.

I understand this is a minor issue with low severity, but interesting nevertheless.

Got this after adding an e-mail address:


i3 and Pale Moon and Firefox browser. No error - that means: You have successfully subscribed to news. :slight_smile:
All default configs, no tinkering with browser options ...

In that case issue is somewhere... in my network? I tried using clean ISOs of different version of Manjaro on different HW. Thanks for checking @bogdancovaciu!

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