Won't boot after todays update

I did an update today. There were a bunch of updates noted and after the update completed it said reboot was needed.

Now it shows the Manjaro boot menu, does the countdown, and then displays a single line stating /dev/sda2 clean, number of files, number of blocks and stops there. A couple of disk activity flickers, then just sits at the /dev… line.

I’ve had to restrict nvidia upgrades previously, but, that was for multiple screen support. It didn’t stop boot.

Is there any was yo to recover?

Would really like to avoid a clean install, this Manjaro install has been working great for something like 2 years…

Apparently it does now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remove the package ignore on the Nvidia driver or switch to nouveau. :man_shrugging:

/dev/sda2, #files, #blocks

Nothing after that…no keyboard, NOTHING

How would one go about ignoring or Nvidia or switching to nouveau…???

Boot up from the Manjaro install medium — USB stick, CD or DVD, whichever you have — in live mode. Then, open up a terminal and issue the following commands… :arrow_down:

sudo su -
manjaro-chroot -a

After that, it depends on which path you wish to go. For removing the package ignore on the Nvidia driver, edit the file /etc/pacman.conf and remove the ignore line. You do this with nano:arrow_down:

nano /etc/pacman.conf

You save the file with Ctrl+O followed by Enter, and you exit the editor again with Ctrl+X. After this, you need to update your system again… :arrow_down:

pacman -Syu

Switching to nouveau is a bit trickier, and I myself don’t really have any experience in that — I have an integrated Intel graphics processor — but I suspect that you should be able to get away with the following command… :arrow_down:

mhwd --pci -r video-nvidia

… whereby you replace video-nvidia by the correct driver package, because there are different versions, depending on the driver.

After removing the Nvidia driver, you have to install the Free/Open drivers, like so… :arrow_down:

mhwd --pci --install video-linux video-modesetting

You’ll also have to remove any blacklist file for the nouveau driver from /etc/modprobe.d/.

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to exit the chroot environment again before rebooting. You can do this by typing… :arrow_down:


… at the command prompt or by pressing Ctrl+D on your keyboard.

Then, reboot and cross your fingers… :wink:

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Got the same, did a Timeshift restore, don’t have time to mess with this now as it’s Indy Lights/Car-evening. :slight_smile:

It was attempting to boot 17 kernel and there was a fall back to 15.

I booted 15, then changed to 19 and rebooted and it appears ok.