Wondering how to install AUR package ufsd-module-dkms?

Hello, what is the proper way to install AUR package on Manjaro?
Is good idea “pamac install ufsd-module-dkms” ?
The Arch wiki says:

$ makepkg -si

  • Check if the module has been installed in dkms.

$ dkms status

pamac can not simplify the task? Anyone installed this module? It is said to be significantly better than NTFS-3G

Wont work.
install is for repo packages.
build is for AUR packages.

Please see pamac --help and also:


The Archwiki is telling you the proper or basic way to install an AUR package.
You should be familiar with this before using the AUR.
Pamac can handle this for you, but not as you typed it.
Its also possible that some package simply wont work well with an ‘aur helper’ and thus you may need to use makepkg for a successful install.

I again refer you to the wiki on the AUR. Please read it.

 pamac build ufsd-module-dkms

This is the command you are looking for, as mentioned by @cscs. You can also just use the graphical pamac interface and press the button to build. Pamac also looks for updates for aur packages you install.

The reason you should learn the normal process of installing aur packages is that AUR packages are not supported by the Manjaro team. Most packages will work most of the time, but when there is breakage, you are yourself responsible for the packages you have built. Understanding what happens behind the scenes will help you in the troubleshooting.

If there are errors or problems with this build operation, post the output here so we can help you. With this particular package it seems that the build might fail, because the package is flagged out of date and arch wiki mentions downloading files from the website. You may or may not need to do that part manually.

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