Wlan-Hotspot on manjaro laptop doesn't work

I’m trying to host a wlan-hotspot from my laptop which is connected with a LAN cable. It shows up in the WLAN browsing menu of my phone but when I’m trying to connect it is stuck on Obtaining IP adress and then just stops. I’ve tried it with create_ap an application called Wlan Hotspot and the manjaro add connections screen, but nothing works

Any help would be appreciated

It could be because not all wifi adapters support AP-mode or it may be a special configuration needs to applied which usually requires taking the device down - apply new config and taking it up agian.

Maybe you have not all components in place? A Manjaro system obtains it’s IP from the network’s dhcp server - but in case of creating an AP you would need a service to assign an IP to the connecting device.

I suggest you take a look at this wiki page on creating a software accesspoint on your system - just remember - Manjaro uses Network Manager - in case you were in doubt

I’m running the same hotspot setup from an ancient machine using network-manager and I experienced those issues if you pick the wrong wifi security protocol. For me wpa&wpa2 personal works best for a mix of old and new devices.
Apart from that, setup is quite straightforward; under ‘General’ set a tick for ‘Connect with priority 999’ to stop the machine ending up in client-mode after reboot.