With 2 GUIs, how to choose which one gets run on login

I’ve installed Manjaro Linux with XFCE on my RPi 4 - 8 GB and so far the stuff I want to run is working OK, but I have the following problems:

  • the GUI is very slow and jerky, compared to plain Arch Linux with LXDE
  • I don’t really like the colors, etc.

So I installed LXDE, but I cannot find a way to run it - when I reboor, the login prompt comes up, I login and I’m in XFCE.

So I tried logging in as root from the prompt, just to test, and what comes up is what I would like as a regular user. How do I get this as a regular user?


I believe most graphical desktop ( or graphical login managers ) environments refuse to login you as a root user?
I thinks it’s dangerous and ill adviced.

What do you mean by promtp? the Text TTY login? or the Graphical login ?

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The login prompt I meant is the graphical login, and it let me logon as root as well as the regular user I set up as part of the Manjaro installation process.

The login screen – it should be lightdm since you installed the Xfce version – should have a Session menu allowing you to select which DE to use.

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Bottom left corner there should be a menu selection item of the desktop-environment you want. It only appears if you have multiple desktop-environments installed.
I can switch between XFCE, Gnome and KDE without any hassle.

When you are at the login page there is an icon on the top bar and you click on it; in the drop down window you click on lxde then you log in as your regular user. This will be the default from then on until you change it again.

You need to find out why your xfce is low and jerky. Arch’s image does not have VC4 or V3D using the mainline kernel.


Thanks! Working now.