Wish Manjaro had a website section that made it easier for people to help development

I wish Manjaro had a section on its website that made it easier for people to contribute with development. For example bug bounties, adopt orphaned packages, teaching people how to build and contribute a package, or how to help with with main Manjaro software, documentation, or translation.

Developers contribute with development, and they know exactly where and how to do that.

Aka: Manjaro to pay those that report a bug?


I'll not address all the points. If you want to help, this forum is the best platform for that, and most of things are already mentioned in the wiki. The main site has a link to wiki, to this forum and to all mailing lists.
So, what was your point exactly?

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Yes, maybe experienced developers know exactly where and how to contribute. But what about new developers? No need to be elitist and snobby about it. I'm taking about a section that helps new devs that maybe haven't contributed to a linux distro before or people in university that are new to collaborating on big projects. And no, I don't mean paying bug bounties...I mean maybe a list of bugs or things that need to be done, that interested people can help with if they want to contribute. Just my suggestion to open the development process of Manjaro and make it more transparent and inclusive. Not all contributions have to be in code. Some people might not know how to code but can contribute with translations or artwork, etc. See the way Debian does it here: https://www.debian.org/intro/help . Its just a suggestion is all.

So, now you call me elitist and snobby because i point you to wiki ? That's your approach after one day in this forum ?
Is this answering the bugtracker issue?

Like this forum page?

The forum has that too

All suggestions are welcome, was always the case here, since day one, but each suggestion needs to be justified.

Debian doesn't have a rolling release model. So whatever they do will not quite work for Manjaro. Unless you talk about http://cut.debian.net/ as a proposed rolling release model from them, now please have a look how they do things there :wink:

Moved from #manjaro-development:projects to #meta:site-feedback as it's not a Manjaro Project and is more about website feedback than development itself.

There is always space from improvement on documentation side, but not always time to do it, there will be a section on the website for Development in the future.

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