Wireguard vpn no ip change

im using AUR (en) - wgcf to create cloudflare warp account
and when i import account within vpn connections and connect, my ip still is the same
im using linux58 with headers

it says:
ipv4.method: method “auto” is not supported for WireGuard

What method was your connection using in NM before? Manual?

config gave me manual settings and it didnt change ip like it should.

If its Manual then use the DNS section of Manual setting instead.

i was using AUR (en) - wgcf to generate connection

Then it looks like its probably somewhere in that profile conf or similar …
this is all rather offtopic for this thread.

Oh. I see you have another thread on this subject. I will move this stuff there then.

is it problem from system or wgcf or maybe from wireguard?
can someone try to reproduce it?
this is where i have issued too No Ip Change Manjaro · Issue #41 · ViRb3/wgcf · GitHub