Wireguard Peer setup -?

I’ve been reading (too much and now I’m thrashing) - ArchLInux and any other docs I can find in an effort to get my wireguard network configuration setup - to connect to my self-hosted OPNsense router (it works for my other devices as clients exist that make this easy.)

My challenge is ‘translating’ my settings into the Network Configuration setup in Manjaro.

Wireguard Intf
Note: the keys in the interface and peer are correct (I’ve 4x checked)

My IP address is set here (this matches my OPNsense config)
Wireguard IPV4
Note: I am assuming that the IPv4 settings are where I need to put what in OPNSense is my Endpoint allowed IP: however I am not able to add the “/32” at the end of the IP in this UI ??? NetMask self-filled but not sure what Gateway is needed for? Also - I only use IPv4 for connectivity so I checked the “IPv4 is required for this connection”
DNS Servers: is the same value that works in my other WG VPN settings (for other devices)
Note2: I have nothing set in the ADVANCED or ROUTES options.

My Peer is setup as:
Wireguard Peer
Note: Public Key is correct. Allowed IP’s is set to that value - which I use in all my other WG Client setups.
Note2: I am able to ping home.itsamsg.com from my system - so no issues there. Port 51820 is correct. (I use “home.itsamsg.com” in my other device VPN settings - and it works fine.

Some add’l questions?

  • where are these .conf files stored? Perhaps I can edit them directly instead of using the network config UI?

Note: while the VPN is ‘connecting’ on my peer system - It is not handshaking with my router…