Wireguard - no internet connection on custom VPN

I deployed wireguard to my custom server using this script:

I also checked to make sure the correct UDP port is open on the server.

I then created a wireguard connection using network-manager by importing the config file (from the server) on the desktop.

But what I am not understanding is that so many different websites say I need to add a public key from the client/desktop to the VPS/VPN server.

How do I do this if my config is via network-manager?

Also, how do I debug the wireguard connection to figure out why traffic is not passing through?

The public key of the “server” and the private key of the client are part of the config file.

If used correctly, the script you linked will put the keys in the config file. NM will Import the keys and use them for the connection.

Frist check if the tunnel is created, for example with the wg command on the server an the client. The start pinging IP addreses and trying to tracerout.

The problem became too complex and I was unable to solve. Closing the ticket.