WireGuard - Mullvad

Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone use WireGuard or specifically Mullvad VPN on Pinephone.
Thank you.

I use Mullvad, not specifically on a Pinephone, but on Manjaro Desktop and LineageOS. Works pretty well. Just give it a try, you can pay monthly and don’t need to enter into long-term contracts

I wonder what the next question will be if one answers yes to all three :wink:
Like @deesnook , I’m only two out of three - no Pinephone here.

Run mullvad on all my devices but unfortunately don’t have a pinephone. Really good vpn and nice gui

Thank you, I already use Mullvad, but not on Pinephone. I have a small travel router with OpenWrt and it works absolutely fine. However, I would like to use the Pinephone instead of the router and connect other devices through the phone. Thus, I wonder if anyone use the Pinephone with Mullvad.
I’m aware of the AUR package (AUR (en) - mullvad-vpn), but not sure if anyone actually use Mullvad or WireGuard on Pinephone.

just some OT info:

Me too - I have installed and use “travelmate” to have it connect to Hotspots and Wlans …

I know Yochanan is the maintainer of all the mullvad clients in the aur and is a manjaro team member so he may well have the pinephone. Try hitting him up

As far as I know Wireguard is not yet supported on the PinePhone kernel.

EDIT: Turns out that was outdated info, it is now.

The Mullvad VPN application does not support ARM, so one would have to download the config files and set it up manually.

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Thank you.
The extra/wireguard-tools 1.0.20210914-1 is available, so should I just follow Mullvad - ArchWiki ?

While wireguard-tools is available for ARM, again the kernel module is not. If / when it is, then following the wiki is exactly what you would want to do.

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Is this not enough?
[[manjaro@manjaro-arm ~]$ lsmod |grep wireguard
wireguard 65536 0
libchacha20poly1305 16384 1 wireguard
ip6_udp_tunnel 16384 1 wireguard
udp_tunnel 20480 1 wireguard
libcurve25519_generic 40960 1 wireguard
libblake2s 16384 1 wireguard

Well, try it out and see if it works. :wink:

I just did a quick search and it appeared that Wireguard wasn’t available on the PinePhone kernel yet. Maybe I’m wrong.

I have a PinePhone, but all I really do is check and make sure unstable branch updates aren’t broken. I maintain a few packages, that’s about it.

It is working! :upside_down_face:
I used only $ wg-quick up myconfig.conf and the connection just started.
I always use config files as I connect to the nearest server (ie where I am) and then through the Mullvad network to the destination location where I want to be (ie what is my public IP). I generally like CLI, but on the phone would be desiralbe to have simpler option to connect with GUI.
Also would be desirable to have Internet Kill Switch - ie no Internet/data connection without WireGuard (as it is for example with OpenVPN).