I have 2 Wireguard connections. They worked in the past.
Now any attempt to use the UI to connect to wireguard fails “A ctivation of network connection failed”.

Connecting to Wireguard using the WG command line it works flawlessly.

Am I the only one ? :slight_smile:

When i say i have 2 Wireguard connections, i mean in the GNOME integrated interface. I can view them in settings and connect to them via the connections menu.

Which doesn’t work anymore, right?

For the command line, you’re using wg-quick I suppose?

Who is the provider? You might be better off using their software for Linux, which does everything it needs to (automatically) under-the-hood to make it work with Network Manager, authentication, and properly configuring the DNS settings.

Hi @winnie ! Thanks for your answer!

Sorry i re-read, not really clear ^^’

Command line wg-quick is working

Same operation using gnome and clicking is not working. I get the following error:


Provider is myself :slight_smile: , and i haven’t really dona an app for that yet heh.

VPN works perfectly on other devices, and was working also in manjaro until a certain point. I’m not sure which though i don’t use it every single day.

I am using the exact config file that i’m using with wg-quick so guess there is some sort of issue there, not sure what.

wireguard protocol is used, but by/with which vpn provider?

using the tools they provide might work more easily …

i host one of the wireguard servers myself on a VPS and another one a raspberry pi at a friend’s place for the other. so i guess i am the provider?

you are
both the client and the server part could be a culprit
and both are under your control

The only thing I know is that I use wireguard connections with the NetworkManager GUI
but I did have to import the VPN data via the command line
but once they are imported - the NetworkManager GUI works (connecting/disconnecting …)

I’m very sure that I cannot help any farther here.

How to import the vpn into NetworkManager?
via command line like described in the Arch Wiki for mullvad vpn (what I use)

Mullvad - ArchWiki

but since your setup did work
but now it doesn’t anymore
I guess that that info is not going to help you.


I have the same problem. I read carefully all the posts. I’m also my own provider (Wireguard on my Raspberry Pi). VPN is OK on three Android devices.
I browse different threads on internet without a clear answer. I can manage with NM (VPN OK) but it’s a degraded solution (because it works before).


so there seems to be an issue with GNOME or the combination of Wireguard and gnome. Quite weird that i’m the first one to detect it!
where should we notify this to devs?


To your question how i set the VPN up in the first place, it is possible to import wireguard config file from GUI VPN settings page: