Wire shark issues after install(Fixed)


Super noob here I finished my install but when i try to run wire shark i get these errors. I not sure how to fix these. Any info would be appreciated!



You’ll need to add your user in the “wireshark” group in order to use it as a normal user.

You may do it within a GUI user configuration tool (Manjaro Settings Manager may be used to add a user to a group) or with the following command: sudo gpasswd -a USERNAME wireshark . You’ll need to log out and log in again if you’re adding the current user to the “wireshark” group.

The required group should be automatically created at installation.



When you launch wireshark, does it ask for your password? I believe you need root access to put the network card into promiscuous mode. If it doesn’t ask for a password, from a terminal try running:

gksu wireshark


gksu wireshark-gtk


I ran the command and added my user but I still get the same 2 errors popping up. Ill keep hunting around see if i cant for some more info. Thanks you for the help


The gksu commands don’t seem to work for me. I’m running Manjaro if that helps any.
Thanks for the help aswell :slight_smile:


Did you log off after adding your user to the group? The system will only take your new group into account at next login.

I forgot to add this pretty important detail when I first wrote my answer and maybe added it too late. My bad.


You’re solid I will give that a try to and come back ^^ !!


It works all I needed was that reset!! Thanks a ton!!!


i would hope so