Wine doesn't load programs

Hi everyone, I recently decided to reinstall OS and I use wine for VST plugins(Audio Production) bridge like linvst. After reinstalling my OS I installed wine, and it doesn’t load my installer. If I run winecfg everything works as usual but when I need to run a program or installer it just doesn’t start.

Wine version 6.6.

Copy start.exe in home / * User / .wine / drive_c / windows / system32 / to home / * User / .wine / drive_c / windows /
After that it should work. This bug has existed since Wine version 6.5

I don’t know, I can run now a portable program, but an installer doesn’t start. Have an idea why this happened? :sweat_smile:

I just tried it. I don’t have this problem under XFCE and have no helpful idea.