Wine controllers work in the wine control panel but not games

I have an Xbox one controller and I’m using the xpadneo driver which a few days ago worked perfectly but today I enter GTA SA that has ginput and suddenly CJ not walk I enter wine control panel and everything works there I enter GTA IV and Niko not walk I enter xinputplus and also nothing works I enter steam and it works even the icons change to Xbox icons I can control the menus but in controllers tab it says no controller detected What!? I enter jstest and it works so it seems the problem is exclusive to wine but in need for speed most wanted 2005 the controller works (maybe becuz its a dinput game) help I’m going mad

Sometimes that happens to me as well,the problem was that wine disabled my controller (Switch Pro Controller) and the game don’t recognized,I need to enabled,keep the window opened (the wine control panel) and then open the game,that way my controller can be recognized,you can try that.

No didn’t work