Wine apps have no sound

Installed wine. Windows apps work well but without sound

Do you have sdl2 and lib32-sdl2 installed?

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Check and post output of pamac info wine :wink:

I believe it depends on the particular app. I install SolSuite and I can enable the sound in it and on next launch I’ll have it’s sounds. - Help! My sound isn’t working!

Make sure that Wine chose the correct driver backend

To see which backend Wine chose, launch the Wine configuration program winecfg and click the Audio tab. If you are using a Wine prefix from an older version of Wine, you may have an incompatible driver hard-coded into the registry.

One thing you can try is switching Wine’s compatibility mode between Windows 7 and Windows XP. Recent applications will detect the Windows version and either use the legacy APIs for pre-Vista operating systems, or the new MMDevAPI or XAudio2 modules for post-Vista operating systems. Choosing either Windows 7 or Windows XP may cause your application to use a different audio system, which may have better success. Please consider filing a bug if you find that your application’s audio works in one mode but not the other, as Wine should support both.