Wine and Windows 10

Has anyone gotten a windows 10 program to run under WINE?
If not what do you use. I refuse to install windows 10.


Do you mean an UWP app?

Not sure to be honest. Trying to run a windows exe file called Turbo Tax that only runs on windows 10 and wine does not do windows 10 it seems.

Thanks for taking time to reply.

From my experience, and WineHQ, Turbo Tax doesn’t run well with Wine.

I personally just use Turbo Tax in the web.

Thanks. I may have to do that.

Have you tried Lutris? I know it is meant for games, but I’m 99.99% sure it can be used for other software as well.

It’s in the community repository:

$ pacman -Ss lutris
community/lutris [installed]
Open Gaming Platform

Hope it helps!

Never heard of it but worth a try.

Yes it can, I use Lutris to run software all the time, but Lutris still uses Wine to run things. Lutris just makes it (A LOT) easier to set up Wine.

And Turbo Tax doesn’t run well with Wine as I’ve said above.

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Yeah, I know. That’s why I thought about it in the thread asking about wine and Windows 10 apps.

It could merely have been a setting that Lutris could have made easier, so it was worth mentioning, according to me.

But, if you’ve tried it and it doesn’t work, :man_shrugging:

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